Sprint course and incubation

A sprint course is part the Beyond Beta program, where you will get access to Denmark’s top-tier module-based startup program. All modules include access to the core Beyond Beta online tools.

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Why a sprint course and incubation?

Why can a sprint course and incubation benefit your business.

DLTA sprint course

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Why a sprint course and incubation?

One of the most important things a startup can do, is to get in touch with potential partners, potential customers, researchers, all of this to validate the business idea and the solution in an efficient and valuable way.

For this DLTA offers dedicated and designed sprint courses, including incubation facilities, where you as a startup can join a physical environment and develop your business idea fast and efficient.

Every startup will have different needs, different challenges, and different ways to work. Therefor DLTA design each sprint course specifically to your case – to bring you as much value as possible during the limited time period. 

Sprint course & incubation

DLTA sprint course & incubation

When selected to take part in a sprint course, you will be invited to join one of our physical ecosystems where there will be a free desk for you to use – and from where the interaction with the environment will take place. 

The physical locations will be connected to our partners, Trifork, Copenhagen – AI House, Vejle – Systematic, Aarhus – depended on the relevans for your specific case and your geographical presence. 

We offer incubation facilities because we know, that close collaboration through physical environments is a great boost to startups. And we know that through daily contact, informal meetings and insight, we can help a company to move on faster. 

The sprint course consists of a 2 × 14 days growth sprints – a tailored program to explore new business opportunities Getting sparring and coaching on your business case with experts within the field and unique opportunities to meet established companies for further collaborations.

DLTA sprint course is a targeted and specifically designed program for the individual startup. The elements will be developed in close collaboration with partners in the ecosystem.

The DLTA sprint courses will take place at one of the physical connected sites, where the selected startups will have the option to use a free desk during the activity.

Each startup taking part in a sprint course are expected to use approx. 150 hours.



The DLTA sprint course and incubation concept is free for the Startup. 

The sparring and coaching will be done in close collaboration with the local partner.

All activities must be time-registered for co-financing of the DLTA project.

DLTA disclaim any liability for loss, damage, or inconvenience, both direct and indirect, of any kind caused by the sparring.