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Why Internationalization?

Why should your business look into Internationalization?

The DLTA Internationalization activity

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Why Internationalization?

The Danish market is in global context a very small market and the business opportunities are much larger abroad. For instance, is the German market 14 times larger than the Danish market based on number of inhabitants. 

International business activities can be very complex and expensive. You need to consider many things when preparing an international business plan including, market choice, clear segmentation and sales arguments to the specific market, identification of valuable partner(s) for the channel strategy and a budget for the plan. 

So where to start?

The first simple thing is to consider how to save time and money: What preparation can be done by simple desk research at your home base and what do you need to investigate on location? And who can help? 

The activity

The DLTA Internationalization activity

The DLTA internationalization activity has focus on international relationship building under the principle “go do”. If you need help to other aspects of the internationalization process the DLTA team can guide you to the right experts in Denmark as well at the specific market.

DLTA helps you through our international ecosystems to find new partners and explore innovation opportunities across borders. Examples of DLTA partners and activities in our ecosystem:

  • Innovation Center Denmark (ICDK) has seven centers strategically located in innovative hotspots around the world (Boston, München, New Delhi, Seoul, Shanghai, Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv). 
  • Cluster organizations like DigitalLead though all Europe. Furthermore “clusters of clusters”, where DigitalLead is represented: Digital SMEs of Europe, Tech SMEs, Smart City Tech. 
  • Enterprise Europe Network (matchmaking foreign partners through 600 contact points in 60 countries).
  • EU offices in Brussels facilitating participation in EU project activities, including invitation and participation in ICT Proposers’ Day and other Digital Europe initiatives
  • Joint delegations at international fairs and tech conferences, e.g. Web Summit, Slush!, Mobile World Congress, Smart City Expo etc.
  • Access to the international network of the DigitalLead’s members international sales representatives.