Access to funding

Access to funding is part the Beyond Beta program, where you will get access to Denmark’s top-tier module-based startup program. All modules include access to the core Beyond Beta online tools.

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Why funding?

Why is funding so important?

Access to funding

What is the DLTA access to funding activity all about?


Why Financing?

Lack of liquidity is one of the most common reasons why startups fail. Companies do not manage to achieve market breakthroughs before the capital runs out, which is why startups often seek venture capital or other kind of financing.

The activity

Access to funding

The DLTA  activity has focus on matchmaking to right kind of existing types of funding that fits you in our ecosystem. 

  • Softfunding (Grants via innovation projects) DigitalLead works closely with the Danish EU offices in Brussels and several private fundraising companies that can introduce you to EU’s many Digital Europe innovation projects & grants. The problem is speed, as it can take several months / years from idea via application to grant. We therefore consider that this activity is only for a few DLTA participants which we handle as part of the general cluster activity in DigitalLead.
  • Micro corporate finance day. In DigitalLead’s ecosystem and network there are Business Angels, Micro-funds and established Danish IT companies, who want to make investments in startups, typically supplemented by close cooperation or board contributions. To support a mutual interest, DLTA will hold a 1-day national sector-specific matchmaking day in Q3 2022 and in Q2 2023, where DLTA-participating startups are exposed and match-made with this ecosystem.
  • Venture Capital (Tech Tour Matchmaking Conference). For some years, a successful venture conference for tech startups has been held, organized by Tech Tour (formerly under the name Nordic Venture Forum), which is an ambitious matchmaking event between startups and internationally leading venture capital funds. DLTA support this event with startup cases (you?), speakers from the IT ecosystem and capital partners. The Tech Tour conference will be held in Copenhagen in November 2022 with preliminary pitch-training.


The DLTA team coach you with your pitch deck that you should present to potential investors.

DLTA do not invest directly – we only facilitate matchmaking to help you.