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A B2B partnership is part the Beyond Beta program, where you will get access to Denmark’s top-tier module-based startup program. All modules include access to the core Beyond Beta online tools.


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Why use B2B partnership?

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DLTA – B2B partnership

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Why use B2B partnership?

Partnering, matchmaking and collaborations is crucial to grow a startup, and develop solutions that fit the needs of the consumer. 

Through B2B partnership, we offer you targeted matchmaking within the ecosystem of DigitalLead, to find your next partner who can help your company grow and develop. 

We know how important network is, and we want to give you a headstart within the tech environment, and bring the best competencies and potential partners to you. 

The activity

B2B partnership

Through a B2B partnership, we will do our best to find suitable partners for you to meet. To do this, we will need to understand your specific business, your specific needs, and your specific challenges.

Based on this knowledge, we will use our national and international network of innovative companies, to find potential partners for you – who might become your next commercial partner, customer, mentor, lead-user etc. The aim of the B2B partnership, depends on your individual needs alone. 

Each startup taking part in B2B partnership are expected to use approx. 35 hours.




The DLTA B2B partnership is free for the Startup. Partners participate voluntarily and unpaid. 

All activities must be time-registered for co-financing of the DLTA project.

DLTA disclaim any liability for loss, damage, or inconvenience, both direct and indirect, of any kind caused by the sparring.